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Send me a photo and I'll paint you, simple, and if it's a selfie I suppose we'll be creating some kind of dialogue themed contemporary art.


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So pewdiepie got a slandered a bit by what he called old media, he said the new and independent media such as Youtubers are feared by the old media like the newspapers and television. So for this reason they have tried to reduce Pewdiepie's influence and viewership by calling him an anti-semite and cherry picking/pulling out of context a couple of jokes that he made. 
I think it's really interesting that this bullshit that several newspapers and television interviewers have been peddling for years, the lies and questionable sources. It's sort of catching up with them. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that old media just cant provide us with the journalism that we want, and they get this petty publicly. And it's been called out by someone very famous.
Who they can't hurt and it's hilarious.

Anyway, it's extremely "uncool" to like someone as popular as Pewdiepie, his content is certainly superficially childish shouting and laughing.

Also J.K Rowling was a bit ignorant on the subject, she seems to have blindly read the news and tweeted "For those who think Fascism is an edgy accessory" linking to the lies that the Independent Newspaper posted. Well I have to say if you use it right Fascism can be extremely edgy.

Anyway, one of the things I love to criticise about the common people on the internet is their obsession with what this celebrity did and when that celebrity brushed their teeth, but now I'm doing it and now I have to justify it without looking like an idiot.

It's interesting, probably because the celebrity has taken the place of the hero and villain in the narrative of our world, they are someone to look up to and criticise at once, they are the characters of our global narrative. That's an idea for a justification.


These portrait's were super fun, I realise pewdiepie's face is a little shriveled on the right side and I didnt really capture J Peterson but yknow it was still fun.

Oh also Jordan Peterson is an evolutionary psychologist who's doing some interesting things in Canada.

P.S. I'm using celebrity names to get more attention, that's my justification.
Sketch 11
this has been going for a couple of days, it's part of why I haven't uploaded, anyway it was super fun.
Got some Warhammer stuff in there that thing at the bottom is a play on the bretaonnian Reliquary sort of a human horse thing I also have the whole design for that mech and some fun little drawings.
Total War Warhammer has the freeLC for Bretonnia coming out, and Heir of Carthage has been pretty hyped about it, I've been watching him, love it.
I think I'm going to do a little drawing of PewDiePie just as a little sign of support, he isn't the greatest intellectual on the situation he is in but he is a figurehead for a disparate community of what I suppose you could call free thinkers.
Domestic environment (my desk)
I understand this makes an atrocious thumbnail, because it's very grey.
I painted this specifically for SpeedPaint du Jour, one hour paint.
This was one layer, that there is the remnants of a banana smoothie.
Here is a piece of art trade with :icondragclan:
This one started off as a larger design that but I cut it down to this to make it more focused and then I needed a bit of colour so I added the parakeets they were super easy and fun and sort of add context or they contextualise the size of the mech at least. I think mechs could be a fun theme, tell me if you approve should we do some mechs?

This is what I took inspiration from -…
The Thinker's Demise
This is part of another art trade with the immensely talented :iconggordge: 
the theme for the trade was Faust and the Devil. He drew the devil, here it is… and I have drawn Faust (the man corrupted by the devil).

So the references in this painting are:
In the top left corner there is a round mirror that is reflecting the Devil that :iconggordge: painted, so the devil is in the same room as Faust.
My idea here was to have Faust be an artist.

So on the wall below the mirror there is an African mask, something Picasso's Cubism was massively inspired by. -…

Standing on the books directly above Faust's head is a Venus of Willendorf copy, the Venus of Willendorf is a tiny little sculpture estimated to be 28,000 years old. You could say this was an inspiration to at least western artists throughout history. -…

On the shelf one along from the Venus of Willendorf is a wheel and cog, these signify the industrial age which is essentially the root that gave us modernity and modern art.

This was fun, I'll upload a step by step of this on Patreon if you want to go and have a look -…

Oh there is also a painting by Goya on the wall, represented as simply a black painting, he is arguably the first expressionist.

And just over his shoulder there is the handle of a hammer and sickle that feature as the symbol for socialism or communism, this signifies the different stages that political philosophy went through during the 20th century.

I suppose this is really just a reflection of me as an art student, I have all these inspirations but I dont know what to do with them and how to intelligently communicate how I tie them together, but here at on DA it is less confusing.
So as part of my University project I have been told to do a blog, a reflective blog so here it is.

I'm currently undergoing some sort of existential art-block. This is certainly going to be part of my physical project. Unfortunately I don't have any experimental/developmental work yet because of this dastardly art block.

Jake Chapman - “It’s like Helen Keller at the butchers, that’s my description of making art”

Helen Keller is blind and deaf. Anyway I don't know what is worth painting anymore or what is worth doing a project on, because nothing matters, to combat this I have been reading and trying to find inspiration in the art some of the great artists, maybe their inspirations and drives can influence me, motivate me.
I don't often have art block and it's really quite annoying because it makes you question every painting you start, why are you doing it and where is it really leading - everything has been done before and you cant really make an impression.
It's quite Nihilist. 

I suppose what Jake means by this thing he said is that making art is hard.

For this blog I was told to reflect on my artistic development and my project.

I think my narrative tendencies came through in my last project, I did series painting with inspirations from the 1926 Faust by F.W. Murnau and several other inspirations like Francisco de Goya and Paula Rego.


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